ICEE Launches Froot Loops Flavor For A Nostalgic Summer

The ICEE Company on Wednesday launched a new fruity Froot Loops cereal flavor in collaboration with WK Kellogg Co.

ICEE has been America’s favorite frozen beverage since 1967, and Froot Loops is one of the country’s most beloved breakfast cereals, first introduced in 1961. The fruity Froot Loops ICEE mashup combines the two nostalgic classics, sure to delight adults and kids alike.

“ICEE and Froot Loops are beloved brands that instantly transport you to childhood and make everyday moments special,” Kimmra Hingher, Vice President of Marketing for The ICEE Company, said in a statement. “As more people are seeking products that evoke nostalgia and fun, partnering with WK Kellogg Co to offer a new Froot Loops flavored ICEE was a natural fit. We saw excellent success last year when we transformed our iconic Cherry ‘n Blue Razz ICEE flavor into a cereal format, and we’re excited to now offer Froot Loops as an icy, cool frozen beverage.”

The new Froot Loops ICEE flavor is already available at select retailers nationwide, and will roll out to additional retailers and entertainment venues through the summer.

“We are delighted to partner with The ICEE Company on this new flavor,” said Laura Newman, Vice President Brand Marketing at WK Kellogg Co. “This partnership is more than just a fusion of the fruity flavors in a new format: it’s a trip down memory lane with two nostalgic brands. Fans of ICEE and Froot Loops will love every sip of this iconic flavor.”

The Froot Loops ICEE flavor is currently available at retailers including Maverik, K&G, Meijer Gas, and Sky Zone. It will roll out at additional retailers through the summer, including Target stores around the country, as well as Thorntons, Wesco, Jacksons Food Stores and others.

Story via TMX

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