Cheez-It Opens Cheez-In Diner In Woodstock, NY

Cheez-It is inviting Memorial Day Weekend road-trippers to stop for a bite at the limited-time Cheez-In Diner in Woodstock, N.Y., among the Catskill Mountains.

The Cheez-In Diner will be open for one week only, May 20–26, and will be serving up a menu full of classic American fare with a Cheez-It twist.

“We saw just how far our adventure-seeking Cheez-It fans would go when they Want It. Need It. Cheez-It. last year making the drive to our Joshua Tree Cheez-It Stop outpost,” Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez-It, said in a statement. “So many fans have been suggesting where we should bring the Cheez-It fun next, and we knew we needed to go the extra mile — literally — to do it again. That’s why this year we headed East, packing this one-of-a-kind roadside experience with even more ways to enjoy our iconic crackers, solidifying our spot as fans’ go-to snack nationwide.”

The menu at the Cheez-In Diner includes The Extra Cheezburger, a pimento Cheez-It smashburger; The Big Grilled Cheez, feature cracker-coated Texas toast and surrounded by a Cheez-It crust; Cheezy Chicky Tendies breaded in Original cheez-It crackers; and Mac & Cheez-It, baked in a White Cheddar Cheez-It cracker sauce and topped with a crunchy White Cheddar Cheez-It cracker crumble.

On the side, guests can order Cheez-It Fries and Cheez-It Biscu-its, and they can wash their meal down with a Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake — a vanilla shake blended with Cheez-It crackers, with a caramel and crushed Cheez-It cracker rim, and topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce, garnished with a chocolate-dipped Cheez-It cracker.

The Diner also boasts a Cheez-It Taste-It Station, which dispenses rare and fan-favorite flavors to mix and match a custom blend of crackers.

Along with the Cheez-It-inspired menu, the diner features the “World’s First and Only Cheez-It Jukebox,” which accepts Cheez-It crackers instead of coins to play songs from its retro records. The diner also features Instagram-worthy retro decor including vintage Cheez-It memorabilia, iconic ’60s music merch and a vintage Cheez-It convertible parked outside.

Guests will be able to shop exclusive retro Cheez-In Diner merchandise, including t-shirts, a trucker hat, a classic diner coffee mug and collectibles such as stickers and postcards. While Cheez-In Diner items can only be purchased on site, fans nationwide can check visit for a wide variety of Cheez-It merch.

The Cheez-In Diner, located at 261 Tinker Street in Woodstock, will be open from Monday, May 20 to Sunday, May 26. Monday through Thursday the diner will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday through Sunday it will be open from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Story via TMX

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