22 Examples of Incredible Perfect Penmanship

22 Examples of Incredible Perfect Penmanship February 15, 2019Leave a comment

    Imagine the hottest pictures on the Internet. Got it? Well, if anything you’re picturing includes a person, you’re wrong. Because we have the most salacious, most titillating, most heart-rate-raising pics you’ll ever see. And, yes, they all involve very good handwriting. So make sure no one else is around. Because you’re about to see some perfect penmanship…

    You’re Jobn’t

    Reddit: MajesticalLoki

    “You’re fired”? In the words of Beyonce, let us upgrade u. MajesticalLoki’s piece of solid gold brilliance is opulence and absurdity in equal measure. “You’re jobn’t” ought to be the new hotness for bosses worldwide.