22 Photos to Satisfy Anyone With Self-Diagnosed OCD

22 Photos to Satisfy Anyone With Self-Diagnosed OCD February 11, 2019Leave a comment

The world can be a chaotic mess sometimes. Things don't always fit together as they should, and it can make things really stressful. But don't worry, there is a way to restore your calm. Just take a look at these oddly satisfying photos that prove that sometimes the world does make sense...

This Perfectly Spherical Snowball

Reddit: Kosbalr

Just look at this snowball. Gaze upon its majestic curves. There's something deeply satisfying about how the snowball is so perfectly spherical.

This Snug Vaccuum Cleaner

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

This alcove in the wall might seem entirely pointless until you slide the vacuum cleaner neatly into the space. It's as if these two things were made to be together.

Soup in Alphabetical Order

YouTube: Rhett & Link

Alphabet soup is a nightmare for those of us who like to do things in the proper order. Thankfully, this bowl has been properly organized.

Just the Right Number


Oooh. Topping off the sale price of your gas to the exact dollar is always satisfying. But if you can manage to hit a round number on both the dollar amount and the gallons? That's pure magic right there.

Rainbow Breakfast


Isn't it frustrating when your breakfast cereal is a confusing mess of color? You could be forgiven for wanting to appropriately reorganize your breakfast before eating it, considering how pretty it can look.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Lineup

Imgur / Diaforetiko

This car has done some impressive mileage. The only problem is, now that its odometer has reached the perfect number, it can never be driven again.

The Perfect Pancake

Reddit: sharkyhunt

Could you bring yourself to eat this perfect pancake? Look at its wonderful, evenly cooked surface. Surely a work of art like this belongs in a gallery, not in your stomach.

A Gorgeous Little Squirt

Reddit: aguywalks

Look at this adorable little squirt of hand lotion. It looks like something out of a cartoon. You want to eat it, except it's lotion and not the most perfect cone of soft-serve ice cream you've ever seen. Do you even rub it into your skin or do you just try to preserve it this way for the rest of your life?

A Table Has Found Its Home


This table belongs up against this wall. It would be a crime to separate the two. No, you can't seat as many people at this table as you otherwise would. Too bad. It's not a table anymore; it's a desk. Whatever you have to do to adapt to this new situation, do it.

The Breath Mint Drawer

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

Look at that fit! These breath mints have found their perfect home, and they cannot be moved. It should be the law that anyone with a desk this tidy needs to always keep a box of these breath mints permanently in residence in this slot.

Measured Breath Mints

Reddit: _tissue_

Literally no one knows why there are holes in rulers. Science can't explain it. But here's what we do know: We know the holes are the perfect size for fitting this breath mints. Seriously, what's the deal with breath mints fitting perfectly into things?

Record-Breaking Drum


This drum's circumference is exactly the right size to fit a vinyl record. Here's hoping the vinyl was moved before somebody came along to actually play the drums, or things might have ended badly.

A Battery Farm

Reddit: eightfour7two

It's as if these batteries were designed to be placed in this box. Nobody would ever need this many 9-volts. But, considering how well they fit, you could be forgiven for stockpiling.

The Phone Hole

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

The only problem with this perfect storage spot for a phone is that it only works if you take off the case. So if your screen is cracked (and possibly even taped together) you can't consider protecting it against further falls. Because this is where it belongs.

A Bag in a Sink

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

Why put your schoolbag in the sink of the science lab? Because science dictates that we learn more about the way these two items fit together. It's just so neat and tidy.

Hold My Wine

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

There's something about the jaunty angle of this wine glass that makes this particular fit feel special. Just don't top off your glass, or it might all come crashing down.

Baked Apples

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

This Macbook is the perfect size to fit in a baking tray, which is wonderful until you leave it there by accident and some helpful soul puts it into the oven for you. Overheating may be an issue…

Producer of Produce

Reddit: HadASword

Is there anything more satisfying than going to your local supermarket and seeing a produce section this artfully arranged? It's so comforting to know the people who handle your food before you buy it care this much. Only problem is, the display looks so good you had to take away any of the fruit.

Baking Delight

Tumblr: thingsfittingperfectlyintothings

Sifting flour is always such a pain. The sieve never sits right on the bowl, so you end up with a mess. Unless you've found a sieve and bowl that fit together this perfectly. Then all your future baking attempts will be blessed by the gods of balance and harmony.

Fresh Powder

Reddit: aeroraider

Anyone who grew up in a climate that offers snowy winters knows the feeling of beauty like this. Clean and even snowfall like this not only looks beautiful, it's also satisfying. And if you're a kid hoping for a snow day, this is the greatest thing you can see in the morning. Perfect for playing in.

Giraffe Snack Time

Reddit: Berknee_Sanders

Having a famously long neck sure has its advantages. You know when shove that box of cereal too deep back there on the highest shelf in your cupboard? Not a problem when you can just stick your dumb face straight in there and feast straight from the box.