22 Spooky Photos of Abandoned ’60s Resorts Then and Now

By Paul Ciampanelli

    In his Abandoned Places photo series, photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer does something fascinating. He collects postcards, matchbooks and other vintage ephemera depicting Borscht Belt hotels and resorts in the 1960s. Then he recreates the images with new photos of the same places now long-abandoned, to show the difference 50 years makes…

    Catskills Resort Then

    Pablo Iglesias Maurer

    Hi, I’m the Ghost of the Borscht Belt. In the ’60s, I vacationed here with my family every year. Now I haunt the long-abandoned husks of various Catskills resorts, trying to recapture those idyllic days. I remember this patio well. I drank a lot of gin-and-tonics here, let me tell you.