Woody Harrelson Gave Up His Cell Phone 3 Years Ago

Woody Harrelson says he gave up his cell phone a little more than three years ago, and enjoys not having to be “readily available” at all times.

Harrelson explained his thinking during this week’s episode of the “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” podcast, which he hosts alongside Ted Danson, his former costar on “Cheers.”

“He doesn’t have a phone,” Danson, 76, said of Harrelson, 62. “He’s one of those bullies in life that make other people carry his phone for him.”

Harrelson said that isn’t “exactly true,” but Danson said that whenever anyone says to “Call Woody,” he just laughs.

“Well, I just don’t like to have, you know, to be readily available to any human being at any time,” Harrelson explained.

“I hear that,” said guest Kristen Bell. “It doesn’t feel good.”

“I like to be in touch with people in a way, but I don’t like the appendage on my appendage,” Harrelson said.

Before he got rid of his cell phone, Harrelson said he was spending too much time on the device. He started his journey toward phone freedom by setting a two-hour time limit.

“Back then I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to set this limit. Two hours’,” Harrelson said. “It’s like 9:30. You know, I’ve already hit my limit at like 9:30, so I woke up, and I’ve been on it two hours already because, cuz you know how it can just keep going and going.”

The “True Detective” star also said he wanted to get out of the habit of turning to his phone whenever there was a “lull in conversation” during dinner.

“I never used it as a phone, ever,” Harrelson said, admitting that he spent most of the time texting.

Story via TMX

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