Jason And Travis Kelce Are Now In The Beer Business

Jason and Travis Kelce have teamed up to invest in Garage Beer, becoming “significant owners and operators” of the company founded in their home state of Ohio.

Jason, a retired Philadelphia Eagle, and Travis, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Kansas City Chiefs, say they have “talked for years” about partnering together in a beer business. The brothers, who together host the “New Heights” podcast, are “passionate about beer and business” and wanted to partner with a high-quality brewery that aligned with their values.

Garage Beer is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the country, after its classic light beer recipe was originally created in Cincinnati, where both brothers played college football with the Cincinnati Bearcats. The company’s headquarters is now in Columbus.

“People crave quality and simplicity, and Garage Beer nails both for me. We are light beer drinkers and Garage is the best light beer,” Jason Kelce said in a statement. “For me, the brand fits my lifestyle, and having a few beers is a great excuse to get the neighbors together.”

The Kelce brothers “serendipitously” learned about the brand through a prior relationship, and have been laying the groundwork to join forces with the company for the past two years. They will be involved in all aspects of the business, including brewing, distribution, sales, marketing, and national expansion efforts.

“It comes down to quality for me. I think everyone knows I like to have a couple beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man! There is nothing better to bring people together than an ice-cold beer, and for Jason and me that is what beer is all about — friends, family and fun. I have worked with Andy for years and I really trust the team and their approach to running the business. We look forward to taking Garage Beer to the next level,” said Travis Kelce.

Garage Beer is currently sold in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, West Virginia, Idaho, Montana, and New Jersey, and the brand plans to expand into dozens of new states this year.

“We want a beer that tastes like beer and one that keeps the stories alive in the neighborhood. Garage prides ourselves on small batch brewing and a commitment to quality. Ever since our first conversation with Travis and Jason, it was clear we had similar opinions about beer, but they also had brilliant, and very funny, business sensibility. Our team better be on their toes now,” said Garage Beer co-owner Andy Sauer. “The garage is a symbol for building stronger communities one beer at a time, and I think we can all use more time with friends, family, and neighbors to talk, smile, laugh, and enjoy that time together.”

Story via TMX

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