Britney Spears Claims All Her Jewelry Has Been Stolen

Britney Spears says all her jewelry has been stolen.

The “Toxic” singer, 42, shared a video on Instagram on Sunday that showed her opening the nearly empty drawers of a jewelry box.

“You guys, for real, all my jewelry was stolen,” Spears alleged in the video. “See? There’s nothing. Well, there’s a Mother Mary. … I’m scared. It’s all gone. All my jewelry is gone.”

“So you can see for real all my jewelry was stolen,” she wrote alongside the video. “And my baby cross that I wore since I was 4 is gone … it’s so thin.”

Spears said that much of the jewelry was fake, precisely because she was afraid it would be stolen, but that some of it was custom-made for her.

“It’s hard to buy new now because I’m scared it will go missing. So I buy it cheap and fake, but it’s hard because some of my pieces were originally made for me,” she wrote.

It’s unclear whether Spears reported the theft to authorities. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office told Page Six on Monday that their agency had not “received any calls for service regarding any reports of theft from Spears’ residence.”

Story via TMX

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