Embark’s Dog DNA Test Kit Lets You Understand And Care For Your Pup Like Never Before

Embark’s Dog DNA Test Kit Lets You Understand And Care For Your Pup Like Never Before January 1, 2019Leave a comment

Embark Dog DNA Kit

More and more pet owners are choosing to adopt dogs from shelters rather than purchase them from a pet store or breeder. And while rescuing a shelter dog is admirable, there are some obvious drawbacks. Specifically, when it comes to the health of your pet, adopting can result in more questions than answers. Because you often lack information about a shelter dog’s breed and background, you miss out on important details that could help ensure their health and wellness for years to come. Luckily, instead of playing guessing games about their breed, you can now get targeted information about your furry friend’ s origin story with Embark's Dog DNA Test Kit.

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What Is Embark?

Embark Dog DNA Kits
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Embark was founded by leading canine geneticist Dr. Adam Boyko of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He is well known for his pioneering work exploring the origin of the domestic dog near Central Asia over 15,000 years ago, and his research into the history of dog populations around the globe. As a result, Boyko’s research has identified many things that make each breed and individual dog unique.

Embark’s Dog DNA Test Kit is the most accurate on the market. In order to improve the lives of pets everywhere, the company uses acustom extension of the Illumina Canine HD genotyping array, which captures over 200,000 genetic markers. That’s 100x more genetic data than Embark’s competitors. With the Embark Dog DNA test kit, owners and their pets can immediately benefit from all the newest and most advanced science available.

How It Works

Embark Dog DNA Kits
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As with human DNA kits, the Embark dog DNA test works by taking a quick cheek swab to get a detailed report that unveils your pooch's breed, health, ancestry, relatives, and more. Embark uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform to identify your dog’s genetic makeup from 250 breeds, and identifies more than 175 genetic conditions and traits. Additionally, thanks to Embark's unique Canine Relative Finder, you can discover and connect with dogs that share the same DNA. Not only that, every dog added to the database brings Embark closer to reaching its goal of ending preventable disease in dogs. Their decision to develop a proprietary research-grade DNA genotyping platform at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine was rooted in establishing technology that enables them to make future genetic discoveries.

What It Means For You And Your Four-Legged Friend

Embark Dog DNA Kits
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Embark is more than a product or even a company. It is a promise to share the journey of a lifetime with you and your dog. You invite Embark, via your dog’s DNA test and website, into your home to help you understand and care for your pet like never before. By simply swabbing the inside of your dog's mouth, you aid Embark in making new discoveries in dog health, wellness, care, and understanding. By continually sharing new insights while collecting more data, more and more dogs can benefit.

Embark boasts the most accurate and highest reviewed dog DNA kit available. And Embark's database provides owners with information and insights that can also help other pet owners. This makes Embark's Dog DNA Test Kit the gift that truly keeps on giving. So by using Embark's Dog DNA Test Kit to promote the health and wellness of your dog, you’re also promoting the health and wellness of dogs around the world.

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