22 Photos That Capture Insanely Cold Weather Conditions

22 Photos That Capture Insanely Cold Weather Conditions February 6, 2019Leave a comment

Dealing with the cold's one thing when the thermometer's around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But when temperatures get to literally freezing, things turn serious. Sure, snow and frozen lakes sound pretty. But it's a different story when you have to actually brave freezing cold weather conditions. Check out these amazing photos that prove polar vortices don't play.

Buffalo Pride

Matt Wittmeyer

This photo proves that Buffalo Bills fans are oh so dedicated to the sport of football that they're willing to freeze their butts off just to root for their home team. But listen. If you can handle losing four Super Bowls in a row, you can handle a little bit of cold weather, right?

Snow-Capped in Baltimore

New York Daily News

The dope thing about statues of people on benches is they don't hide when it snows like us mortals made of flesh and blood. Instead they look like bosses who don't care about hypothermia. They'll die with their boots on. Brings new meaning to the expression "stone cold."

Crunchy Noodles

Twitter: ccroucher9

Twitter's Charles Croucher made the best of the polar vortex in early 2019 and took this photo of some noodles that had frozen over fairly quickly. "How cold is it in Chicago at the moment?" Cold enough to make it look like a ghost was trying to eat ramen.

Frozen Falls

Instagram: arjsun

Over 6 million cubic feet of water goes over the falls every minute during the winter in Niagara Falls. But the bridge and the rock face are practically frozen over in this photo taken by Arjun Yadav of Toronto, Ontario. That's totally normal at the Canadian/American border, though.

Frozen in Love

Kellie Elmore

Josh Morrie and Morgan Daye from Tennessee thought it'd be a great idea for photographer Kellie Elmore to shoot their engagement photos in Bald River Falls in the winter, where the temperatures hit 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The pics look cold and dangerous but so memorable.

Rocking the Ice Beard

Devon Haines

Not even cold temperatures were able to take Daniel Schetter, aka Surfer Dan, away from the arctic freezing waters that hit the Midwest and Great Lakes in the winter of 2018. But look at how his beard has frozen over. He was surfing for four hours and ended up with it.

Winter Winds Wearily Sighing

Getty Images

"Full knee-deep lies the winter snow, and the winter winds are wearily sighing." Webs of frost cling to the statue of Lord Alfred Tennyson as freezing fog surrounds the tower of Lincoln Cathedral on Dec. 20, 2010 in Lincoln, United Kingdom.

The Chilly Sewer Grate

Reddit: MirKvant

A Redditor found it was cold enough where he lives for steam from a sewer grate to turn to snow. Commenters noted it could be loaded with bacteria, viruses or who knows what other toxic compounds that evaporated with the water. So, if you were thinking about it, no licking.

Frozen Fontaine

Flickr: bfxu

This photo looks horrifying at first, like someone showered a herd of real horses with water and froze them solid. But in reality those are just stone statues in the Fontaine de l'Observatoire in Paris, France, dripping with icicles. So no animals were harmed in the making of this pic.

New York in Winter

Instagram: rainy_vg

On average, the coldest the temperature drops in New York is 35 desgrees Fahrenheit. Which is what one Instagram user discovered when he took this photo of Central Park on Dec. 31, 2017. The park, which is bustling with green leaves in the summer, looks like a virtual ice city.

Walking on Lake Baikal

Instagram: hobopeeba

Photographer Kristina Makeeva from Moscow walked across the 600-kilometer stretch of Lake Baikal in the mountainous Russian zone of Siberia. If you're wondering how these interesting patterns are formed, it's because the water freezes layer by layer.

Lamppost From Narnia

Instagram: jrbello711

Cold weather can freeze a lamppost like this one solid. It's not surprising given that the average temperatures in January reaches 25 degrees Fahrenheit. But where are we, Narnia? Am I gonna see a fawn playing a fiddle? Is a sexy witch gonna come and give me Turkish delight?

The Frozen Shores of Lake Michigan

Ellen Drew Prather

Just take a look at these branches, covered in some serious icicles. Photographer Ellen Drew Prather shared this photo of Lake Michigan, where amazing natural ice sculptures form as the temperatures drop. On Christmas Day, 2017, wind chills went down to almost 40 below zero here.

Cold Enough for You, Chuck?


In this photo from 2014, we see just how high the snow can get. When a blizzard smacked the Muskegon area that winter, the snowfall was practically up to the knees of the Charles Hackley statue in front of the Culinary Institute of Michigan. Fortunately, he didn't seem to mind.

Niagara's Icy Corals

Instagram: arayeremian

Of course, you won't find corals in Niagara Falls. But tell us this frozen bit of branch, photographed by Ara Yeremian at Niagra Falls, doesn't look like it came from a coral reef. We certainly don't envy the folks that are standing on that bridge, which looks like a castle fort.

More Like Froze-yth Park

Stephen B. Morton

The National Weather Service predicted that 2 inches of snow and sleet would fall in Savannah, Georgia, on Jan. 2, 2018. And they were right. Just look at how full of icicles this statue is at Forsyth Park. The sight is impressive, but we sure feel bad for the statue.

The Woman Who Came in From The Cold

Amos Chapple

This woman might appear to have stepped out of a meat locker, but she's actually just walking into the Preobrazhensky cathedral in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, widely considered to be the coldest city in the world. Look at how the fog produced by the frigid weather seems to follow her inside.

Ice Hydrant

Reddit: aspire2dance

A Reddit user took this cool photo of a fire hydrant that had enough water to freeze and expand, causing the cap to fall off. Eventually, the water started trickling down and, as it did, it froze. It's making us shiver just looking at it. We sure hope firefighters didn't need to use it.

Ice Fountain in Bryant Park

Getty Images

Frozen water stands on the fountain in Bryant Park on Jan. 3, 2018, in New York City. You can't help but wonder if New York decided to build one giant crushed ice making machine or if someone actually forgot to turn off the fountains when the temperatures dipped.

Beast From the East

Getty Images

Icicles hang from a frozen elephant fountain on Feb. 27, 2018, in Colchester, United Kingdom. Freezing weather conditions dubbed the "Beast from the East" brought snow and sub-zero temperatures to the UK that winter, in this creating the illusion of an animal giving itself an ice bath.


Getty Images

The polar vortex that swept over North America in January of 2019 was a killer, especially in the Midwest. In this photo, Murrel Swift, 48, walks from one shelter to another in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, in the early morning as temperatures reached 49 degrees below zero with wind chill.

Frozen Wood Frog

Svein Nordrum

You see some pretty dark things on Lake Bindingsvann in Norwar, like this frog that was trying to swim across the lake. Photographer Svein Nordrum took the picture, and claims the frog was trying to find a mate when the freezing temperatures froze it while crossing.