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Famous Couples With Big Height Differences

Famous Couples With Big Height Differences May 15, 2019Leave a comment

celebrity couple height differences

    As Paula Abdul once said to Simon Cowell at the “America’s Got Talent” judges table: opposites attract. We guess that’s how all these couples got together. Because these famous pairs each consist of one tiny little shrimpkin and one tally tall-tall. Check out these celebrity couples with huge height differences…

    Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa

    celebrity couple height differences
    IMAGE BY: W Magazine

    While Jason Momoa towers over his wife Lisa Bonet by a feet and two inches, they do have common ground over their professions and roles. They’re both actors, you see. And when Momoa plays Aquaman, he enters “a different world”. Which is, you see, the name of the show Bonet is famous for. You see.